What Is Edysen And How Does It Work?

Edysen is a combination of hardware and software that seamlessly links devices together, handling all the complexity of cross-protocol translation: WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC, RFID, Zigbee, 3G/4G and more. Edysen is a Smart and Automated Mesh Network infrastructure with no centralized server network, which offers an open platform to facilitate communication and data sharing at the edge of the Internet.

 Edysen is designed to work with Edge Computing Systems, as they reduce the energy costs involved in hosting a cloud-based server network by eliminating the need for external power sources. As the network continues to expand, it will become more difficult for malicious actors to gain access to sensitive data and communications, while allowing individuals to share resources securely.

In addition to facilitating secure and fast communication between devices, Edysen also enables new applications that would not be possible with existing centralized servers. For example, smart devices could become health monitors that collect real-time health data from multiple users, or smart factories could communicate with each other to optimize equipment output.

The Edysen system can be installed as a new building or easily retrofitted. After that, it can be configured remotely through the web app by connecting to the EdySen WiFi network.

Features of Edysen

Features of Edysen are many, some of them are listed below.

Wearable integration: Edysen devices can be connected to different wearables devices, like Fitbit, Xiaomi mi bands, Apple watch and so on.

 People finder “Where is…”: When you included the Edysen device to your family members account, you can check their current location with a single push of a button on your phone.

Indoor positioning/wayfinding: Edysen devices can automatically detect the nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices and provide information on shops, restaurants and more.

Real-time alerts and tracking: With push messaging and GPS tracking, there is no need to check the phone frequently when your loved ones live in safety. You can keep track of their real-time location while still having privacy.

Voice Control (Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit): You can use voice command to control all Edysen smart devices connected to your home. Remote Access: You can connect with your family members or friends anytime and anywhere through the app Edysen Action.

How does Edysen work?

With a simple plug-and-play installation, the Edysen devices enable any building or outdoor space to instantly triangulate staff, guests and assets within a compatible area. Boasting Sequel’s patented mesh technology Playfield, the devices provide heat maps, dwell times, floor plan optimization, turn-by-turn navigation, push customized content, media, deals or alerts, automate the environment, provide Wi-Fi access, and send campaigns based on geo fenced triggers. By allowing access to data from a single place, they streamline operations and boost efficiency across operations.

Why did Sirqul team decide to collaborate with Edysan?

Sirqul and Edysan worked together to create an OBD2 adapter that plugs directly into the Sirqul beacon with a live feed of all your driving data without any hassle. With the help of Edysan, Sirqul’s merge wireless and wired devices, eliminating the need for additional dongles at the vehicle, while incorporating video driver training.

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