Using toothpaste to fix a scratched mirror

How to fix a scratched mirror: Scratches Aren’t Forever

Scratched mirrors can be a real pain to deal with. It is that one small area in your home that stands out from all the rest. Instead of looking nice, it stands out as the ugliest part of your house! And this is something that you cannot ignore or simply paint over because the mirrors are not just small – they are quite expansive and visible from almost everywhere inside your home. Scratched mirrors create an uncomfortable visual experience, especially if you have guests coming over to stay with you! Fortunately, there are several things you can do at home to fix those ugly scratches on your mirror. It’s not something that you need to hire professionals to take care of for you. Fixing scratched mirrors at home is pretty simple if you know what exactly can be done about it. There are plenty of hacks that can come in handy when dealing with scratched mirrors and making them look good as new again. Here is a list of some very effective tricks and tips:

Using Toothpaste to Fix a Scratched Mirror

Toothpaste is one of the best DIY tools that you can use when dealing with scratched mirrors. Just like scratches on your car windshield, scratches on your mirrors can be repaired quickly and easily with toothpaste. All you need to do is clean the surface of the mirror with a soft, lint-free cloth. Once you’ve done that, place a small amount of toothpaste on the cloth and begin to rub the toothpaste onto the mirror in circular motions. You’ll find that the toothpaste fills in the scratches and makes them disappear completely. You can also mix some sanding powder and water to a smooth paste and use that for the same purpose.

Use a paste made of Vaseline and flour

Clean the Surface of the Mirror with A soft, lint-free Cloth

One of the most important steps when fixing a scratched mirror is to clean the surface of the mirror well first. If the surface of the mirror is covered in dust and grime, then you’re never going to be able to fix the scratches properly. Before you can begin to repair the scratches, you need to clean the surface of the mirror thoroughly first. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to do this. Make sure that you clean the mirror in such a way that you don’t push the dirt back into the scratches. You can clean the mirror with warm water and a mild soap solution or with isopropyl alcohol.

Mix Some Sanding Powder and Water

Sanding is the oldest and most effective way to fix a scratched mirror. If you have a mirror that has deep, serious scratches or doesn’t seem to be responding to other methods, then sanding is definitely the way to go. You can mix some sanding powder and water to make a paste and then use that to fill in the scratches. This sanding paste is easy to make and very effective in repairing the mirror

Use a disc Sander to Buff out The Scratches

If the scratches on your mirror are pretty shallow, then you can use a disc sander to buff out the scratches. A disc sander is a very useful power tool that is used widely in most industrial and commercial settings. You can use the disc sander to gently apply light pressure on the mirror surface and thereby fill in the scratches and make them disappear completely. You’ll need to apply a good amount of pressure on the disc sander for this to work properly.

Use a paste made of Vaseline and flour

You can also use a paste made of Vaseline and flour to fill in scratches and make them disappear completely. This is another very old-school trick that works wonders for scratched mirrors. You can mix some flour and Vaseline to form a thick paste and then use that to fill in the scratches and make them disappear completely. Use a soft cloth to apply this paste and make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure.

Use a kit made Specifically for Repairing Scratched glass

Use a kit made Specifically for Repairing Scratched glass

If you have a mirror that has large, deep scratches, then it can be a very difficult and painstaking process to repair those scratches. A kit made specifically for repairing scratched glass can be a very useful and effective tool to use in such a scenario. These kits come with an assortment of tools and different kinds of sandpapers that can be used to fill in the scratches and make them disappear completely.

Apply a thin layer of clear Epoxy over The Scratch

If you have a very large and deep scratch on your mirror, then you can apply a thin layer of clear epoxy over the scratch. Epoxy is a very strong adhesive agent that can be used for fixing almost anything in your home. It can be used to stick broken things together, repair scratched mirrors and many other things. The best thing about epoxy is that it dries clear and can’t be seen even after it has been applied.

Cover the Scratch with a piece of clear Tape

If you can’t do anything about the scratch and want to cover it up, then you can cover the scratch with a piece of clear tape. Cut out a small, square piece of clear tape and apply it to the scratch. Make sure that the tape is applied very tightly against the surface of the mirror so that it sticks well. If done right, the scratch will be covered and hidden by the tape

Repaint the Mirror With Paint and a Touch-Up Pen

If you find that the scratch is relatively mild and doesn’t go down through the surface of the mirror, then you can try to repaint the mirror with paint and a touch-up pen. Make sure that the scratch isn’t too deep before you begin to repaint the mirror. You can use a paintbrush to carefully repaint the scratched area. Make sure you use paint that is the same color as the mirror.


A scratched mirror can completely kill the vibe of any room, especially if it’s in a particularly visible area like the living room. Luckily, there are several effective DIY methods you can use to repair a scratched mirror, including using toothpaste, sanding, or a paint touch-up pen. If you have a scratched mirror, don’t worry; there are plenty of things you can do to fix it. With these tips and tricks, you can start fixing those scratches right away.

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