Birthday Wishes For School Friends And Classmates

Happy birthday to one of the dearest and funniest friends in school. You are simply a joy to be around. May God bless you with incredible success and knowledge!

Hello dear classmate, you are perhaps the only friend of mine at school whom I blindly trust and support unconditionally. I really admire your leadership ability and academic excellence. Happy birthday my dear school friend!

On your special day, I sincerely wish that every day of your life be incredibly joyful and full of miracles. I wish your personal and professional life to become a great success. Happy birthday to my special friend from school!

Although I have good relationships with all my classmates, you are the only one with whom I share my lunch and spend the rest of my time. Very happy birthday my dear classmate!

Whenever I was stressed due to an exam or other problems, you were always there to help and cheer me up. Thank you so much dear for being my backbone. Happy birthday and have an amazing birthday party!

Happy birthday to a wonderful school friend who is a fantastic being both in and out of school. It feels so exciting to do crazy things with you.

In the whole class, no one throws garish, unforgettable birthday parties like you. I am desperately waiting to attend your party and dance like a maniac. Happy birthday to my best friend from school!

You are not only an epic student, but also the big favorite of all teachers and batch matches. Your popularity in college is unmatched and your charisma is hard to resist. Happy birthday to my only friend from college!

Today is undoubtedly the most special day of the year for you and I know that you have already prepared yourself to impress the girls at your birthday party. Some things will never change. Anyway, have an amazing birthday party, friend!

From regular conference benches to sneakily stalking hot girls in the canteen, we’ve created many unforgettable and quirky memories together. The university would have been a boring place without your company. Happy Birthday friend!

On your 25th birthday, I pray that happiness never leaves your side, success always kisses your feet, and our friendship continues to evolve. Happy birthday to my dear college friend!

You are not only a wonderful classmate, but also the classiest friend one could ask for. Let’s whip up some champagne and rock the dance floor. Happy Birthday!

Thanks for saving my sad butt all the time from grumpy teachers and helping me pass the overwhelming exams. You are my savior in college and I am your partner in crime. Happy birthday my only college roommate!

Your entrepreneurial attitude, a burning desire to do something extraordinary, and tireless hard work inspire everyone on the lot to be just like you. How do you manage to excel at everything you do? Happy birthday my dear college buddy!

I am beyond excited to throw birthday cake in your face, give at least 100 birthday punches and all ten kicks at your birthday celebration. It’s time to take some sweet revenge. Happy birthday my college buddy!

I cannot express in words how important you are to me. Your support and care are the main reasons behind my smooth survival in college. Thank you so much for giving the gift of your friends. Wishing a happy birthday to my closest and dearest college friend!

People get smarter when they go to college and you’re the only one whose IQ has dropped. Only Jesus can save you now! Happy birthday, college friend dumbo!

Happy birthday to one of my most clueless friends. The more you smile, the more stupid you look. For God’s sake, stop giving us all your unwanted creepy smile.

It’s your big day dude and I want you to do weird stuff so you can end up in jail and I won’t bail you out. Jokes aside, happy birthday to the best friend in school!

You are the only friend I know who eats more than the guests on his birthday. Dude, leave some food for the hungry like me. Happy birthday and have an awesome celebration!

Hello friend from school, I heard that you are having a birthday and you invited everyone except me. Well, if you want to pass your exams with flying colors, you’d better get an invite by the end of the night. Happy Birthday!

Your birthday should be declared the most hysterical day in the world. I mean people get presents on their birthdays and you just get big bills and insults. LOL, happy birthday to the cutest schoolmate!

Happy birthday to the closest companion in school! I wish the teacher would give you a week’s worth of homework in advance on your birthday as a return gift.

Congratulations friend for turning 15 this birthday. I can clearly see the sign of happiness on your face, but your yearly math test result will vanish in the blink of an eye!

I have spent the best time of my life with you in our class. Do you still remember your bad jokes that you feel so proud of? Those are desks and benches that I still miss. I wish you happy birthday my dear companion. I would never abandon you.

Everything has changed and everything is changing. But you haven’t changed. You are the same as you were in school. I wish you a beautiful happy birthday, my best friend!

The first time you came to school I thought I would never be your friend. I don’t know why I felt. And when the teacher orders you to sit next to me. My whole world died. But now you’re my best friend. Happy birthday my boy!

When I first saw you, I fell in love with you like my best friend. I had considered you the best friend. And I wanted to sit close to you. And look here today, we are together as husband and wife. Wishing you an amazing birthday, my partner!

How in the math period you used to go behind my back and always tell me to save you. Can you count how many times I’ve saved you? Happy birthday my friend my partner!

Today you have to pay me for your homework that I did for you for a whole year. You have to give me with interest. I miss our school days. I wish you a happy birthday, best friend!

I still like your hand-cooked brownie that you used to bring for me and we used to eat together during our recess time. Never forget you. You are an inseparable part of my life. ! Happy Birthday to my best friend

I know you are always with me. I know for sure. You were the smartest and best boy in our class. I love you my partner and my best friend. You are forever for life.

You are not just my classmate. No, you’re not. You are that guy who never leaves a girl’s hand when she holds him. You are my best friend and my loveliest friend. Happy amazing birthday!

The first time when you said you were my best friend and that you always will be. That was my day. I love you my baby. I wish you a happy birthday!

The first time you invited me to your house for dinner, I was nervous not because of what the guys would say but because I have to eat what you cooked. I miss you all these years. Happy birthday my dear companion!

The first trip we took together I will never forget. And the best food you cooked I never forget. I miss you love my best friend, my friend. Happy Birthday! May you achieve all success in life!

After so long we have found each other. You have completely turned into a handsome man. At school you were a skinny boy. I am so happy to meet you. Happy Birthday my dear!

The true love of friendship only exists between you and me. May God keep us from the evil eye. Happy birthday my naughty partner!

May God bless us we never miss each other. Wishing you happiest birthday my dearest fellow and best friend. I am forever there for you.

Funny Birthday Wishes For School Friends

I am happy that you are married now. And I want to apologize for not being able to go but my prayers and wishes are always there for you and you know it. Happy Birthday my little girl! You know I love you.

You never complain about anything. You accept things and try to change them if they are not right. His determination and integrity; These things make me fall in love with you. Happy birthday my determined girl!

You have taught me to believe in yourself. You were the only girl who was always there for me and she still is. Happy birthday my dear friend!

As friends, they remember how long we used to talk at night. And we never knew we’d get married. I’m lucky to have found you. I wish you a happy birthday my friend!

I wish that the success you want to achieve you achieve. I wish you fly in the whole sky

spreading your wings and no one dared to cut them. Happy birthday my best girl! Love you.

I wish that your smile always remains on your lips. It should never go away. Happy birthday, my girl, my dearest friend!

You always saved me and did all my work just for love. You never finished yours but you finished mine. I wish you forever in my life and forever in your life me. Happy birthday my partner and my friend!

All the fights we fought at that time I hate. But now I miss them. Those fights were our love. I miss you. You were that girl I wanted to have in my life. You were and still are. Happy Birthday my little girl!

You are that girl who put my mind at ease when I was upset. You’re the only girl you care about. You are the only person I would love to die for. Happy birthday my best birthday girl!

It is a fact that weather and seasons are not the same. But you’re still the same as you were in school. I pray for your happiness. Happy birthday, my girl, my dearest friend!

Again I want to go to our school and I want to sit next to you. I miss all our school days, our friends, teachers and everything. Happy birthday to my best classmate!

May you have such an abundance of life and wealth. I wish and pray this for you. Happy birthday my girl my friend! You are my Everything.

Happy Birthday to a classmate who is more than a [brother/sister] to me.

Despite the misconceptions between us, you will always be my best classmate. Love you & Happy Birthday!

My dear classmate, as you have a soft corner that makes you care for everyone, you deserve all the care today to get the best greetings from us. Have fun!

Do you know that we look like twins? Everything becomes joyful when we are together. Have a fantastic birthday, my dear friend.

I’m missing all my university days, the boring lectures, outings and exams. That’s all because of my dear classmate. My deepest wishes.

I wish you happiness on your birthday, lots of ice cream, and all the video games your little heart desires.

Another year, another birthday. Before you know it, we’ll be grownups with a mortgage. Make sure to enjoy all your birthdays before that happens.

We think alike. We dress alike, and we sort of look alike. It’s too bad we don’t share the same birthday but have loads of fun anyway. Hope your birthday will be as unique as you are.

On this day keep the mediocre stresses aside and enjoy to the fullest. Happiest Birthday to you buddy. Have a great one.

Where’s the party tonight? I haven’t received an invitation yet. I hope you throw a grand party and do not forget to invite me. Sending you lots of love on the day. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday dear, having you as my classmate is one of the best school experience i had and I will cherish it all my life, have a wonderful life ahead.

When we met for the first time I did not know you would turn this important for me. Miracles do happen, right? I am glad you happened to me. Happy Birthday.

We are more than classmates, right? Cheers to our friendship and the bond we share. Happiest Birthday.

They say school life is boring, I bet they did not have a friend like you in class, I feel lucky to have you dear friend and I wish you get blessed with a beautiful life ahead.

So you wouldn’t be coming to the college today. Who am I going to have fun with? Happy Birthday, friend. I will miss you today.

So you wouldn’t be coming to the college today. Who am I going to have fun with? Happy Birthday, friend. I will miss you today.

Happy birthday! Wishing you many more years of good health and prosperity.

I hope you’re enjoying your special day—may life continue to bring you the best days ahead.

Thank you for living your life in a way that makes every day worth celebrating. Happiest of birthdays!

Even though celebrations might look a bit different this year, you’re always the life of the party—over Zoom, and all. Happy birthday!

An old friend like you can only give the flavour of an old sweet wine. On this special day, I wish you a life that accomplishes goals, fulfils dreams and a life well spent in good health, joy and happiness.

Dear friend, I wanna wish you a happy birthday. Not so many things stand the test of time, but You and I have come a long way. Wishing you the sweetness of life.

I remember how we started as friends and how many birthdays we’ve celebrated together. Today, I wanna take this time to wish you whatever makes you happy.

It’s wonderful to think about the moments we spent, the laugh we shared and the fun we had together. You are not only my friend, for me you’re my brother from another mother. I wish every phase of your life be filled with only joy! Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes For School Friend Girl

I met many people and have many friends, but no one is as special as you. I don’t know what would be of my life if I didn’t have you as a friend. I hope our friendship lasts forever. I wish you a very happy birthday, old man!

Goodbye my dear friend, it has been a great experience studying together in this great school. Please let us always stay in touch wherever we are. Fired.

It is a goodbye now, comrades, but it is not a goodbye to life, a goodbye to see you again another day. I really enjoy the company of each of you. You make my dreams come true; to all my classmates, you are an amazing friend. Goodbye, everyone.

I will miss each of you; A part of me will go with you as we leave today. I hope that fate brings us together again in the future. Goodbye to you my dear friends.

My most sincere congratulations on your birthday, my cousin and best friend! It is a great day and I am very happy for you, but I also feel sad that we are not together on your birthday. I wanted to wish you a big hug! I love you and miss you so much!

When best friends say goodbye, what they’re really saying is ‘Stop thinking, I’ll be back soon’. For me, I’m not really saying goodbye, but hold on to your dreams. Goodbye to you my dear friend.

I can say goodbye to you, but my heart will never say goodbye. I will keep you in my heart. Wishing you a successful future, goodbye.

The memories we share together can be erased forever. Goodbye, my dear classmates. I wish you the best in life.

Why did the sun come blazing across the sky today? It’s for your birthday, genius. Have fun! Even the

greatest minds take a break on their birthday. Leave the books, and have an adventure on this special day. I

wish you happiness on your birthday, lots of ice cream, and all the video games your little heart desires.

Another year, another birthday. Before you know it, we’ll be grownups with a mortgage. Make sure to enjoy a
ll your birthdays before that happens.

Happy birthday to the smartest kid in class. I am honored to be your bestie for life.

You are every mother’s dream daughter: sweet, neat, and always upbeat—happy Birthday from my mom and me.

Happy Birthday to a cool classmate who is also my wonderful friend.

All the best to my trade by barter friend, thanks for being a very helpful classmate.

You’ve given me many memorable moments through our educational pursuit, so I’m wishing you the best memories from this special day.

A wonderful birthday to a genius classmate who used to succeed with the least effort.

I missed you so much, so I hope you throw a big party today and send me some images.

From the first day we met here, I knew you would make my days more alive. Hope to always share in your birthday, dear classmate.

Happy Birthday to a classmate who is more than a [brother/sister] to me.

Despite the misconceptions between us, you will always be my best classmate. Love you & Happy Birthday!

My dear classmate, as you have a soft corner that makes you care for everyone,

Birthday Wishes For Old School Friend

you deserve all the care today to receive the best regards from us. Have fun!

Do you know we look like twins? Everything becomes joyful when we are together. Have a fantastic birthday, my dear friend.

I miss all my college days, the boring lectures, outings and exams. That’s all for my dear classmate. My deepest wishes.

Happy birthday, my classmate! Don’t forget that fun happens with friends, not just family.

Your birthday reminds me of the competitions we went through together. Let’s do one more.

Best birthday wishes to the [boy/girl] who made my academic work easy and fun.

You are fantastic as a student and inspiring as a young woman hell-bent on conquering the world. I wish you the best on this birthday and all the other birthdays to come.

I will never forget how you saved me that first day at school when everyone was a stranger. You are kindness personified, and I am so glad to be your friend.

Happy Birthday! Happy birthday to a lovely lady who is sugar and spice and everything nice. To the lovely girl who never stops cheering for the team, even when we lose three games in a row: Happy Birthday!

Hey honey, I know your birthday is almost over, but this is what you get for forgetting my birthday. I guess you’ve already learned your lesson. Happy Birthday my love.

Remember how you told me you wanted a Rolex watch for your birthday present? Well, I realized that was stupid, so you don’t get anything. I wish you a very happy birthday, darling.

It’s wonderful how you look younger with each passing year. Soon, she could go to jail for dating a teenager. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. May you remain young in your heart.

To my dear and sexy boyfriend: I just want to tell you that I really love you with all my body I insert past of interest here. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Hey handsome, I know surprise parties aren’t your thing, plus I can’t keep a secret. So let’s enjoy the company of being together and celebrate another year of this happiness. I love you and happy birthday. You are the best boyfriend ever.

Honey, I have never met anyone more engaged and focused on snacking and watching TV than you. Congratulations on all your greatest achievements. Of course, your best is me.

I hope you know how much they love you today, best friend! Happy Birthday!
Every year on your birthday I remember how much you mean to me as a best friend.

Birthdays only come once a year, and your friendship only comes once in a lifetime.

I wish I could spend your birthday with you but I know you are on my mind and in my heart
You’re like a sister to me. Let’s toast to many more birthdays shining together.

My best friend was born today! Where would I be without you?
Happy birthday to my partner in crime and my favorite person!
You deserve all the cake

If you’re getting old, that means I am too!

Don’t forget to smile awkwardly as everyone sings Happy Birthday to you today!

Birthday calories don’t count so next drink is on me!

How many birthdays have we had together now? I guess it’s official, you’re stuck with me.

I thought you get finer and wiser with age? Well, there’s always next year.

Don’t think of it as getting old, think of it as becoming a classic.

You suck at getting old! Can you at least try to look older?

Happy Birthday. It took you [BFF’s age] years to look this good!

You are older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to this dime in her prime!

It’s not that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s your best friends who are your diamonds!

Hey you! It’s your birthday! Pie! Candles! Beverages! Gifts! More drinks! Can you tell I’m excited?

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! How did we get so old?

Funny Birthday Wishes For Old School Friend

Dear friend, I remember our school days how you have taken all my punishment from the teachers for all those things we had done together. I really enjoyed all those days completely, we can’t get that time back, but a wonderful memory is always with us. Happy birthday to my schoolmate.

I remember in school days how I would emotionally cheat you and give you all my homework, and you my dear friend completed my work easily, you are such a cute and innocent friend of mine. Happy birthday dear, God bless you until eternity.

Attending classes at school and playing games on the floor, putting gum on other students’ desks, stealing lunch boxes from bags, harassing the teachers from the back bench, and after doing all the activities, the teachers punished us . All those moments are funny but memorable for me. Thank you for making my life enjoyable, happy birthday to my best friend.

In our school life, you never got more than 50% grades in class and you were always jealous of me for that because I got first place in every class. I knew it very well in school, yet all of you are my best friends. Happy Birthday dear.

My school life could never be so adventurous if I couldn’t meet you during school days, we are the most naughty students in our school. But I love all those bad things we had done together. I wish you a very happy birthday dear.

All relationships are made by God in heaven, friendship is the only relationship we have made on earth with our choice. I am very happy to choose you as my friend in the early stages of my life. Happy birthday to my best friend from school.

There is no word to better describe friendship, it is unconditional love and affection for others. Thank you dear for all your love on all the good and bad days. Have a happy and fantastic birthday.

There are very few friends in everyone’s life who inspire us deeply in my life, it is you who provoked me to focus on studies and build a career during our school time. I always thank you for that, thanks to you I have achieved all the success in my life. Happy birthday to my mentor my friend.

Happy Birthday friend. I wish you all the best in life and a wonderful day today and always!

Happy birthday [insert name]. I wish you all the happiness of life! Have a wonderful day surrounded by those you love.

Congratulations as we celebrate your [insert year] birthday! May this year bring you all the good things that you deserve so much!

You are a true friend who can always be trusted. Thank you for comforting me when I needed someone to be by my side. Thanks for everything.

On your special day, I just wish you good luck wherever you are. Happy birthday, and have a wonderful year ahead!

On your special day, I wish you good health, happiness and a fantastic birthday!

Today, I wish you have the happiest of birthdays. May this special year be full of happiness and prosperity!

Today is a very special day in your life. As you celebrate another year, I wish you all the best in the world and a very happy birthday!

On this special day, I wish that all your dreams and desires come true. ! Happy Birthday to my best friend

I know that today you will be very happy that your friend has not forgotten about your special day. Here I wish you a very happy birthday!

May our friendship last me to wish you a happy birthday for many more years.
I just wanted you to know that I think of you every day. May your special day be filled with lots of fun, excitement, and sweet memories!

I wish you something great that money can’t buy as you get older today. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day!

Happy Birthday! I am so incredibly lucky to have such a loving and caring friend. Don’t forget to put your special day to good use as you age another year!

Creative Birthday Wishes For School Friends

I am happy to celebrate another year with a very special friend of mine. We wish you lots of fun and sweet memories on his special day. Happy birthday, my dear schoolmate!

As you celebrate another year of your life, I wish you lots of love, fun, and happiness. Happy birthday to my dear roommate!

On your birthday, I wanted to show you my appreciation for all the love and care you have shown me. Thanks for being there when I needed you most, roomie. Happy birthday and many congratulations!

Thank you, my dear friend, for the incredible moments I have shared with you. When I was going through a difficult time in life, you were there to give me hope and inspiration.

You are more than just a classmate to me. On your special day, I wish you good health, a better job, and all the good things one can think of. Have a happy party!

Having such an amazing person near me fills my soul with joy, which is nice when you share a room! I wish you much joy and happiness today and every day.

Thank you so much for your care, kindness, and for being such an amazing classmate. on your special day,

I just wanted you to know that I am happy to have such a wonderful person in my life. I will remember you in my thoughts forever. Here I wish you all good things on your birthday. Have a happy birthday celebration!

Thank you for always helping me, supporting me and encouraging me. You are my best roommate and I wanted you to know how much I love and appreciate you. May you enjoy your special day as much as I enjoy our relationship!

I can’t imagine how much you mean to me. A schoolmate with such a deep heart is special and rare; In fact, you are very special to me. I wish you a prosperous year and a birthday full of sweet memories.

Thanks for your help. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Thanks for making me smile again. You are one of the secrets of my success in school. Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true!

Happy birthday to an amazing friend! Enjoy your special day, and I pray that this year is filled with much happiness. God bless you!

Here’s wishing a wonderful friend a very happy birthday. Have a blessed day and a fantastic birthday celebration!

I hope this happy day brings you good luck, happiness and success in life. Have a blessed birthday!

I hope you have a great time on your big day. I wish you a great year ahead and countless blessings!

Thank you for helping me when I needed words of encouragement!

On your [insert year] birthday, I want to wish you lots of fun and excitement. And I pray that God fulfills all his promises in your life. Have a wonderful celebration!

Please enjoy your special day and all the good things that only birthdays can bring. And may Almighty God honor you more than you have honored me!

I pray that all your dreams and birthday wishes come true. You have been an amazing classmate, and I wish you all the best in this life. May you continue to be blessed, and may this birthday always be a special one to remember.

May all your dreams and wishes come true! And may God’s divine plan for your life begin to manifest as we celebrate your [insert year] birthday today. Congratulations and congratulations for the day to an amazing friend!

I will never forget everything you have done for me in this world. Thank you for being there for me during my ups and downs in life.

I am happy and grateful to have you by my side. Have a blessed and fantastic birthday celebration!

You are a wonderful schoolmate. I thank God for blessing you with another year. I wish you all the joy and happiness that only birthdays can bring.

On the occasion of your birthday, I pray that the days ahead bring you more fun and happiness. And may the years ahead bring you great glory, honor and peace!

Congratulations and best wishes for the day!

Birthday Wishes For Long Time Friend

Happy Birthday friend! I hope you have a great year ahead. May you always be blessed and find happiness wherever you go. Have a great one.

If you ever need a friend and supporter, you will always find me. Happy birthday to my dear. I wish you good health and happiness. I hope your day is as special as you are.

Happy birthday to that person who knows how annoying I am but still chooses to stay by my side. I love you, and I am so blessed to have a friend like you.

The happiest birthday. May we always be together to celebrate your special day. I wish and pray to the Lord to always protect our friendship and make it stronger.

Birthdays come every year and many people wish you. Today, on your special day, I wish you a wonderful and flawless life ahead. Hope you live for a long time. Happy Birthday friend.

You are my true friend and I don’t want you to change. Happy Birthday friend. I wish you get all your wishes and fulfill all your wishes.

For many people in the world, FRIEND is just a word with a sequence of letters. But for me, the friend is the best thing in life and a source of emotion and happiness. Happy Birthday friend.

It’s been so many years and we’ve been friends for so long. Stay like this forever. I wish you a happy birthday. May you see many more.

No matter how much time passes. You will always be the most wonderful person I have ever met. I wish you a very happy birthday and a great celebration. Don’t forget me when you celebrate your day.

You are the one who has made my life special. You were there for me when no one else was. Thank you for always supporting me and for everything you have done for me. On your special day, I wish you much happiness and may you be happy all your life. Many, many happy returns of the day to you my friend.

You are a very kind person. I pray that you fulfill all your wishes and that you have a wonderful life ahead of you. Happy Birthday.

You are the best person in my life and you showed the true meaning of friendship for me. You were always there for you when I needed you and you always helped me. Thank you for all those things you have done for me. I wish you a happy birthday.

Your birthday is like a big adventure for me. Here is the beginning of this adventure for me. I wish you a very happy birthday friend. I wish you see many more.

No matter how old you are, always party like you just turned 21. Have fun this time too. Don’t worry about your age, you look younger. Have a great birthday like never before. I wish you many more. Stay happy always.

Here another year is over and you are still the same. You look younger than your age. Celebrate to the fullest and celebrate your birthday in a special way that you will remember until the next one. Happy birthday to you friend.

This day is not only special for you, it is also special for me because it is my best friend’s birthday. We have been friends for a long time and you are the same the day we met. Have a wonderful birthday. I wish you long life and many more birthdays.

This day is not like ordinary days. Feel special and have a special celebration this time. I wish you a happy birthday. May you get all wishes and all wishes fulfilled on this special day.

The number of candles on your cake is increasing and your cake is barely visible. Please buy a bigger cake next time.

This year, on your birthday, I will buy an electronic candle instead of ordinary candles to avoid the risk of fire. Because it would be difficult to manage so many candles. hugs and kisses.

I promise I won’t tell anyone your real age at the party. But everyone will get to know when you light that many candles on the cake. Haha. I wish you a very happy birthday friend.

Happy Birthday friend. May you continue to be the person you are today and never change the brightness that comes with your presence.

You, my friend, have been my best source of entertainment and company. I can’t imagine having so much fun with anyone else. So, happy birthday. Long life and prosperity.

I have been with you for so many years and it feels special that I can be a part of your other birthday. Happy birthday, my sweet friend. You have been the angel that I have always needed in life.

Always remember that no matter how old you are, you will always be this amazing human that has been lighting up our lives. Happy birthday, my BFF. Stay blessed.

No one can be as special as you. You’ve stayed with me through my tough times, guided me when I lost my way, and been completely hilarious. Happy Birthday. Please stay for a long time.

On this birthday, I hope you find everything you have been looking for in life. If not, you can always ask for more gifts. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday best Friend. Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be best friends and thank you for always giving me the comfort of your friendship.

I hope you are having an amazing birthday because your existence definitely deserves a celebration. Happy birthday to a very special friend.

Your birthday is the beginning of a new adventure and I can’t wait to be a part of this amazing journey of yours. Happy Birthday friend. Party strong and enjoy to the fullest

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